The automatic bandsaw LINER is a smart and versatile system for the production of wood lamellas required by musical instruments, furnishing, sports equipment industries.

It is a combination between a very strong band saw and an automatic carriage holding the stock.
The carriage is equipped with an aluminum work-table divided into several suction sectors using a vacuum system to hold the stock during cutting operation; the only requirement is for one side of the stock to be of good quality in order to be perfectly clamped.

The machine operates with stellite and/or carbide tipped band saw blades, it is able to saw both “dry” and “wet” (max 25%) wood assuring a minimum wood waste (1.3 mm) with an excellent cutting accuracy and speed.

Main features:

  • Advanced PLC with touch screen to create working programs

  • Carriage with multi-sector vacuum system

  • Bladeguide made of synthetic antifriction material

  • Nebulizer for the blade cleaning

  • Automatic loader for material to be machined as option

Main functions

Vertical Bandsawing



Sporting equipment




Musical instruments


Solid wood

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