Live machine demonstrations

If you wish to see your products made by our machines, contact us and our team of programmers will organize the demonstrations.


Thanks to our specialized technicians, we are able to offer full installation services for our machines all over the world.

Training courses

We offer training courses for our customers’ staff, both for the functioning and maintenance of the machine. The courses always include part programming which are tested later on the machine.

Assistance via remote connection

With PADEdirect… just a “click” and you are connected to our remote assistance service. We know how important it is for customers to have a quick and qualified intervention. It does not matter where your machine is located, we can immediately intervene to carry out a diagnosis on the functionality of the machine, find the cause of a malfunction. Or provide assistance on part programming directly from our headquarters, reducing time and costs.

Maintenance with our specialized technicians

We can intervene with specialized technicians directly in your company from Italy, the United States, South America and Asian countries for ordinary or extraordinary maintenance.

Supply of spare parts

After sales service is important to minimize downtime. For this reason we are committed to having spare parts in stock for at least 98% of the components of each machine.

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