The clever way to program!

The application software are developed directly by our IT technicians to optimize cycles and therefore processing times, and at the same time, offer our customers powerful platforms that fully exploit the potential of machining centers while maintaining a simple and intuitive programming environment.


SW available for any Pade machining center for real-time 3D simulation and collision control. Universal platform compatible with all CAM software capable of producing .xml files.

Main features

  • Optimization of tool passage trajectories. This feature optimizes and speeds up the main program

  • Rototranslation of the work on the table, directly in the machine; without therefore forcing the operator to resume the program at the CAD / CAM station

  • Automatic pre-ignition of the tool while the other is still working, to minimize the changeover times of the tool

  • A series of MACROS are provided for the programming of simple operations (such as holes, slots and tenons), where the user would simply enter the size for each of hem

  • Immediate execution of individual operations within the main program


The new simple and reliable dedicated software to program and run the PLURIS cnc working centre

Main features

  • Automatic nesting of the geometries, possibility to indicate priorities and to intervene with manual adjustments to better harmonize the working program

  • Easy selection of all working units

  • Optimized paths for all working units

  • Simulation of all the units paths showing the cut pieces falling down

  • Highlights with absolute precision any collision between the operating units and with the possibility to look quickly for another possible path

  • Simplex also provides accurate cycle time for each working program

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