5-axis machining center ideal for the production of medium/small pieces

chrono DUET

The double head machining center with both clamping cylinder and vacuum piece holding

chrono SOLO

The 5 axis machine finally affordable also to small size companies.


Sturdy and precise machine, ideal for complex pieces where precision and high speed are required.

clipper DOOR

High productivity machining center for door and jambs

clipper DUET

Machining center with 2 working heads for maximum productivity

clipper SOLO

A working table for small productions of complex elements.

CNC hopper

Cnc bandsaw for panels


Ideal for working on elongated pieces with combined operations of milling and multiple drilling


The double head machining center for enlongated elements


Ideal for machining complex small and medium-sized pieces with high execution


Flexibility in the production of jambs and straight elements in general


Cnc bandsaw with electro-spindle perfect for massive productions


The 5-axis cnc center for enlongated elements


Ideal in all cases where great heights are required (Z axis)


Mechanic linear / shaping and sanding machines

uinze CNC

CNC linear / shaping and sanding machines


VARIO is the machining centre with overhead 5 axis and mobile cross beam, featuring high rigidity and stability

vario DUET

The 12-axis with movable traverse for large workpieces

vario TR

The 5 axis mobile cross beam for medium-sized workpieces


6 axes for complex milling, drilling and cutting operations

velox CA

6 axes for complex milling, drilling and cutting operations with automatic loader

velox DUET

Ideal for machining complex pieces with high production volumes

velox DUET 4

The machining center with 2 operating heads and 4 work tables, with a total of 10 interpolated axes.

velox DUET CA

Maximized productivity with two heads and two automatic loaders


Ideal for processing jambs and door elements in general.

velox Solo

A compact, highly flexible machine, ideal for processing a wide range of products, manufactured in small batches

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